Hadley Plett is a photographer best known for her stylized edits of concerts; an avid consumer of music and the media surrounding it, Plett brings an exciting, experimental approach to her edits. This process allows for images depicting the music's own presence. 
Currently an upcoming graduate of Seattle University, Plett has been photographing concerts around Seattle for the last two years. Throughout this time she has had the opportunity to shoot concerts from the likes of Laufey, Sabrina Carpenter, Caroline Polacheck, FKJ, Shakey Graves, Flipturn, Spill Tab, Maude Latour, Sammy Rae and the Friends, Sudan Archives, Devon Again, and many more. 
Plett holds a passion for photographing artists whose majority fan base is female and/or LGBTQIA+ identifying. She Grew up as a ‘fangirl’ which has made her very aware of the stigmas surrounding fangirls and artists whose audience is mainly women. This knowledge was what initially attracted and impacted Plett's love for concert photography. She aims to depict the passion, authenticity, and love that these artists and their audiences hold for each other and the space that is created when they come together. 
While Plett has a certain fondness for concert photography, she also has a love for editorial work, as well as fine art and fashion photography. 
Hadley is currently available for Tour, Shows, Editorial shoots, or whatever your heart desires.
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